Posted: February 17, 2010 6:35AM; Updated: February 23, 2010 11:32AM
So we're back, or I'm back, everyone but me was back. Ok.

I can't believe there's no Silver League!!! The backbone of the Buffalo Wings Kenan Sessions has been fractured, and I'm the one left needing at least a spinal decompression, or something. The Kenan Winter League is always my favorite. The summer session is fine, and competitive enough I suppose, but it brings with it all the fair-weathered, watered-down, partially, if not overwhelmingly, annoying teams! Give me Kenan any day of the week... every team has a few Wings Pros, we know each other... it's like the English Premier League of Roller Hockey. I'm sorry, I'm just going through a bit of withdrawl without it. Plus, I won't have played goal since like December heading into the Summer! Oh, oh well, at least I'm making a push to get asked to be a minute devouring defensive roadblock for some team this summer, but unlikely.

That said, I'm playing Copper. We're not good. I play for Horse Collar, and we haven't won a game that counts since..... since.... wait, I'm thinking.... I don't know. The chemistry is gone, systematic and fundamental aspects of a logical approach to smart hockey is completely non-existant, and to put it simply, we just don't know what we're doing on the floor. Let's go Lords of the Rink.

In my personal time, I've been working on re-modelling my basement from a previously vacant concrete chamber to a fully functional sports/bar sanctuary. The cave of life (decision on name is still pending) has consumed a majority of my non-work office time since the beginning of January. I remember sitting there watching the Jets beat the Colts in the regular season and thinking "great, there goes the Bills chance of ending the Colt's perfection in front of millions in a flex-scheduled Sunday Night Showdown, no one wants to watch someone try to go 15-1 against the 0-for-the-decade-Buffalo-Bills." I was so depressed that I went to Home Depot, got twenty 2x4's, and built a wall, one wall. I recall looking at it when it was done and thinking, wow, that might not collapse. So that's how it started, I'll be priming this weekend, and it's home free from there.

Anyway, I'll probably think about starting to think about putting together my Kenan Awards, so come back soon!

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