Summer is Coming!

Posted: March 16, 2010 3:18PM; Updated: March 16, 2010 7:26PM
Hey Wingsnation, long time since we last hooked up and lots has been going on...first, with Amherst Ice Center, er, Pepsi, er, Coke Center just a few weeks away, everyone is talking about Wings travel teams.  I cannot believe the fact that this summer, we could have 4 adult travel teams and 1 30 and over team...this is exciting stuff and it helps to build a healthy competition within the organization.  I will be playing on the 30 and over team, and we have a decent team lined up.  From the sounds of it, the other travel teams will be stocked with talent.  This could be the best summer in Wings history, and to build on last summer's turnout, its pretty impressive.  Remember, if you are interested in a travel team, tryouts are soon, so get in shape, come to an open skate on Monday from 5-6, rent some time if its available, do what you have to do to make an impression, but by all means, come out to tryouts so we can see what you have to offer.
In house league news, last night Watson's Wish List completed a solid session beating Myspace Predators.  On paper, it might have seemed the Preds would have a distinct advantage with the Setlock bros and Eric Glosser skating up and down the floor with unmatched quickness and pig rifle wristers, but when you play as a team for your team, you can overcome any obstacle.  What I saw out of Watson's last night, they outclassed their competition because of the team play., not to mention perennial man beast Steve "I can score more than you" Latona and Matt "Dangles" Milliman put on multiple displays of stickhandling, shooting, and making passes with eyes in the back of their heads.  All of Watson's stepped up last night and that's why they are the champs. 
My team, the Aces, sadly has fallen to the laughing stock of the Sunday Copper Division.  I had a productive session, finishing 3rd in league scoring as a Defensemen, but obviously, that doesn't matter when you are getting outscored week in and week out.  We are putting the Aces to bed for the summer as I will be jumping on a team with my buddies.  Team name to be determined at this time. 
Before I forget, I still have a pair of Tour Cobalt Q skates to sell.  $200.
Mission Thorax Wrap girdle.  $15.
The skates I wore for a session but they weren't for me.  They are in good condition, but do need wheels.  The girdle was tried on, but also, not right for me.  If you are interested, hit me up at
I have gotten a lot of response to the front page article looking for refs and scorekeepers.  If you are interested, please email me ASAP.  I need to at least have a conversation with you before considering you as an employee.  Once that takes place, to be a ref, you can go to and take the open book exam.  You will also need to register with usa hockey as a referee, which is $30 I believe.  If you pass, you will get a confirmation email, which you will need to email to me as proof you completed and passed the test.  For interested scorekeepers, you will need to sit with one of our current scorekeepers to learn the system and how to coordinate the scoreboard and play the music between play.  Conduct for both is highly professional.  You will need to act in the best interest of the Buffalo Wings and not treat this job as a social club or hangout.  Any misconduct could result in immediate termination.  In all honesty tho, take the time to learn the game and have fun with it.  We certainly don't want to make it a situation you dread. 
Ok Wingsnation, I'm out of words, so until next time, see ya!!!

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