The Annual Rite of Pasage...

Posted: September 14, 2010 4:08AM; Updated: September 14, 2010 8:09AM
The Annual Rite of Passage…
Ahhhh!!!!  Another great summer at Pepsi has come to an end and that marks the return to our winter home, the Kenan Center.  Funny to think when we get to March, we are itching to get to the state of the art, Mecca of hockey in Western New York, the Pepsi Center.  By the time August gets here, we are itching to get back the rustic, run down, eyesore, known as Kenan Center.  Even though the two spaces bear no resemblance other than the blue floor we play on, Kenan almost acts as a battery recharger.  Like seeing a long lost friend for the first time, everyone comes back happy and ready to beat the stuffing out of each other.  Of course, with cooler temperatures, it makes for a more enjoyable game.  The chase begins soon, so I will reflect a little on the summer that was…
Competition was at an all time high.  I think we had the most teams ever for a summer session at Pepsi.  It didn’t matter if you played Iron Flex or Gold, most games were competitive, heated, and very fun to watch.  Some teams were head and shoulders above others, some teams liked being the door mat of the division.  Either way, the players upped the ante this summer and it made for some quality, high level action.
I was pleased for the most part with the refereeing this summer.  The refs really showed up and with the exception of known penalty mongers, the refs were pretty consistent.  Great job refs.
Scorekeepers had a great summer as well.  As the summer moved along, the best of the scorekeepers came out.  Great job scorekeepers.
There were a lot of comments on the organization of our operation.  There was a lot of planning and execution put into running the organization in a first class manner.  I think we pulled it off.  There are always areas we can improve on, but for the most part, I think we made history this summer.
I have some hockey equipment for sale.  I have a few new sticks and some used skates.  Inquire if you are interested.
I guess that is all for now.  See you all in a week at Kenan.  Stevo out!!!
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Steve's single motivation is to make the Buffalo Wings a household name in all roller hockey entities. "We have a renewed enthusiasm within the organization now. We want people across the country to associate Buffalo Wings Hockey with the best run, most competitive, comprehensive hockey experience ever. We have the staff, we have the players, we have the motivation, and now we are putting all our efforts together to make the BWRHO the single most powerful and well known organization in the roller hockey world."