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Forfeit Fees

Clarification on how forfeit fees will be applied
Posted: July 27, 2011 3:01PM; Updated: July 28, 2011 9:22PM
End of Season Forfeit Fee's
As we approach the end of the season, there has been quite a bit of confusion surrounding forfeit fee's paid earlier this season. Further clarification on the matter is as follows.......
Any team who have not used the $50 forfeit fee paid at the beginning of the season has the option of using the credit towards their referee fee's for the last two games of the season OR applying the credit towards their team fee for either the 2011 fall session at Kenan Center or the 2012 summer session at the Northtowns Center. Should you choose to use the credit towards referee fee's, cash will not be necessary at game time. In the event the forfeit fee was used, and up to this point not repaid, simply continue to pay the referee fee's as stated in the Rules and Regulations.  It is important to let any WNY Roller Hockey staff member know how to apply the credited forfeit fee, as proper documentation can be relayed to management for further tracking.

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