Division Summary


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Scoring Leaders

Goaltending Leaders

Goals Against Average (Min. 3 games)
Num Name Team GGP GAA Sort Descending
30Bedford, KoreyGoing115.45
30Smith, JustinButte115.55
30Rauh, JimTeam 115.82
30Joachimi, NateMNIN116.18
20Drexelius Sr, DanielChron116.53
Save Percentage (Min. 3 games)
Num Name Team GGP SPCT Sort Ascending
30Smith, JustinButte110.844
30Bedford, KoreyGoing110.831
30Rauh, JimTeam 110.806
30Joachimi, NateMNIN110.800
20Drexelius Sr, DanielChron110.783