Division Summary


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Scoring Leaders

Goaltending Leaders

Goals Against Average (Min. 3 games)
Num Name Team GGP GAA Sort Descending
14Papia, NickTeam 115.73
30Gill, LucasTeam 117.09
30Meldrum, KevinTeam 117.73
46Ford, ColinTeam 118.27
Num Name Team GGP SVS Sort Ascending
30Gill, LucasTeam 11186
14Papia, NickTeam 11170
46Ford, ColinTeam 11149
30Meldrum, KevinTeam 11134
Save Percentage (Min. 3 games)
Num Name Team GGP SPCT Sort Ascending
14Papia, NickTeam 110.730
30Gill, LucasTeam 110.705
46Ford, ColinTeam 110.621
30Meldrum, KevinTeam 110.612