Game Information

Lords of the Rink

Lords of the Rink (MonGd) 2507
Beautys for Gliss (MonGd) 1359

Game Information
FacilityNorthtown Center at Amherst
Rink 1
LocationWilliamsville, NY

Beautys for Gliss

Shots on Goal
Lords of the Rink (MonGd) 414523
Beautys for Gliss (MonGd) 3101023
Three Stars
Star #1

Ryan Rogalski

Beautys for Gliss
4G, 2A
Star #2

Todd Lyness

Lords of the Rink
4G, 0A
Star #3

Dan Wendt

Lords of the Rink
2G, 2A

Summary By Period

1st Period
Time Team Goal (Assist)
03:05Lords of the RinkTodd Lyness  (Dan Wendt)
04:05Beautys for GlissRyan Rogalski  (Unaccounted Points)
05:05Lords of the RinkDan Wendt  (Unassisted)
Time Team Player (Penalty)
11:30Lords of the RinkRyan Wendt  (Roughing - 4:00)
14:00Lords of the RinkDan Wendt  (Slashing - 2:00)
2nd Period
No penalties assessed.
3rd Period
Time Team Player (Penalty)
07:00Beautys for GlissBrian Gliss  (High Sticking - 2:00)
14:00Beautys for GlissUnaccounted Points  (Slashing - 2:00)
15:00Lords of the RinkAndy Schull  (Roughing - 4:00)

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