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Thursday, April 17th
Time Rink Div Type Home LR LR Away Status
5:30PM1ThuCpRegTeam Pretty Boy - 717Muff Divers - 3Box Score
6:30PM1ThuCpRegKnights - 639Bad Mother Puckers - 10Box Score
7:30PM1ThuCpRegDeepen Cider - 717Godspeed - 3Box Score
8:30PM1ThuCpRegStampede - 1339Nerd Herd - 4Box Score
9:30PM1ThuCpRegSwarm - 917Winning Edge - 7Box Score
10:30PM1ThuCpRegHigh Rollers - 139Date Line Predators - 9Box Score
11:30PM1ThuCpRegAmericans - 1417Tripod - 4Box Score
Saturday, April 19th
Time Rink Div Type Home LR LR Away Status
11:00AM1SatCpRegThunder Buddies - 717Buffalo Bumbles - 4Box Score
12:00PM1SatCpRegRunning Riot - 839No Name Just Game - 6Box Score
1:00PM1SatCpRegVillage Idiots - 917Roller Force - 12Box Score
2:00PM1SatCpRegJust Puckin Around - 1139Speedy Turtles - 13Box Score
3:00PM1SatCpRegBuffalo Nightmare - 317Bro Knights - 2Box Score
4:00PM1SatCpRegPoon Tang Clan - 1139Wolf Pack - 1Box Score
5:00PM1SatCpRegNecessary Roughness - 617Buffalo Gladiators - 8Box Score
6:00PM1SatCpRegHigh Slot Clap Bombs - 1139Chuck Norris - 6Box Score
7:00PM1SatCpRegArctic Narwhals - 817The Outsiders - 3Box Score
Monday, April 21st
Time Rink Div Type Home LR LR Away Status
5:30PM1ThuCpRegMooneys - 117Not so Mighty Ducks - 3Box Score
6:30PM1ThuCpRegBuffalo Blazers - 839Snuggle Bears - 9Box Score
7:30PM1ThuCpRegInline Genocide - 317Werewolves of London - 4Box Score
8:30PM1ThuCpRegBeer Growlers - 739Lawn Jockeys - 4Box Score
9:30PM1ThuCpRegFire Breathing Rubber Duckies - 1117Mud Shark Slayers - 4Box Score
10:30PM1ThuCpRegBitches B Trippin - 339Prestige Worldwide - 7Box Score
11:30PM1ThuCpRegPuckin Clowns - 317Highlanders - 14Box Score
Tuesday, April 22nd
Time Rink Div Type Home LR LR Away Status
5:30PM1TueBrRegKnights- Tripi - 1617Pricks with Sticks - 4Box Score
6:25PM1TueSvRegFree Beer & Chicken - 239Dangle Daddies - 11Box Score
7:20PM1TueSvRegBradford - 217Usual Suspects - 10Box Score
8:15PM1TueBrRegFirebirds - 1139LBL - 3Box Score
9:10PM1TueBrRegTaylor Gang - 717Peanut Butter & Celly - 8Box Score
10:05PM1TueBrRegOrange Iguanas - 739Godspeed (Tues) - 10Box Score
11:00PM1TueSvRegPoon Slayers - 917G2 - 7Box Score
11:55PM1TueBrRegDistrict 5 - 839Team Rauh - 6Box Score
Thursday, April 24th
Time Rink Div Type Home LR LR Away Status
5:30PM1ThuCpRegHigh Rollers 17Tripod Preview
6:30PM1ThuCpRegBeer Growlers 39Godspeed Preview
7:30PM1ThuCpRegStampede 17Muff Divers Preview
8:30PM1ThuCpRegNerd Herd 39Deepen Cider Preview
9:30PM1ThuCpRegBuffalo Blazers 17Swarm Preview
10:30PM1ThuCpRegRevision Riot 39Date Line Predators Preview
11:30PM1ThuCpRegTeam Pretty Boy 17Manglers Preview
Friday, April 25th
Time Rink Div Type Home LR LR Away Status
5:00PM118URegJr. Manglers 1750 in 07 Preview
6:00PM118URegRoller Express 39Raptors Preview
7:00PM118URegMay Day 17Vision Preview
Monday, April 28th
Time Rink Div Type Home LR LR Away Status
5:30PM1ThuCpRegKnights 17Mooneys Preview
6:30PM1ThuCpRegMud Shark Slayers 39High Rollers Preview
7:30PM1ThuCpRegAmericans 17Godspeed Preview
8:30PM1ThuCpRegDate Line Predators 39Tripod Preview
9:30PM1ThuCpRegHighlanders 17Not so Mighty Ducks Preview
10:30PM1ThuCpRegLawn Jockeys 39Nerd Herd Preview
11:30PM1ThuCpRegSwarm 17Manglers Preview
Tuesday, April 29th
Time Rink Div Type Home LR LR Away Status
5:30PM1TueBrRegDistrict 5 17Taylor Gang Preview
6:25PM1TueBrRegFirebirds 39Knights- Tripi Preview
7:20PM1TueSvRegUsual Suspects 17Buffalo Steel Preview
8:15PM1TueSvRegFree Beer & Chicken 39G2 Preview
9:10PM1TueBrRegTeam Rauh 17LBL Preview
10:05PM1TueSvRegDangle Daddies 39Lords of the Rink Preview
11:00PM1TueBrRegThundercats 17Peanut Butter & Celly Preview
11:55PM1TueBrRegPricks with Sticks 39Orange Iguanas Preview
Thursday, May 1st
Time Rink Div Type Home LR LR Away Status
5:30PM1ThuCpRegStampede 17Prestige Worldwide Preview
6:30PM1ThuCpRegMuff Divers 39Bitches B Trippin Preview
7:30PM1ThuCpRegWerewolves of London 17Winning Edge Preview
8:30PM1ThuCpRegBeer Growlers 39Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies Preview
9:30PM1ThuCpRegPuckin Clowns 17Bad Mother Puckers Preview
10:30PM1ThuCpRegInline Genocide 39Snuggle Bears Preview
11:30PM1ThuCpRegDeepen Cider 17Revision Riot Preview
Tuesday, May 6th
Time Rink Div Type Home LR LR Away Status
5:30PM1TueBrRegTaylor Gang 39Godspeed (Tues) Preview
6:25PM1TueSvRegBradford 17Dangle Daddies Preview
7:20PM1TueBrRegTeam Rauh 17Firebirds Preview
8:15PM1TueBrRegDistrict 5 39Thundercats Preview
9:10PM1TueBrRegPeanut Butter & Celly 17Orange Iguanas Preview
10:05PM1TueBrRegLBL 39Pricks with Sticks Preview
11:00PM1TueSvRegPoon Slayers 17Buffalo Steel Preview
11:55PM1TueSvRegLords of the Rink 39G2 Preview

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