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Games for July 1, 2013
Time Rink Location Div Type Home LR LR Away Status
5:30PM1Lockport, NY-RegPhantoms (Alum) - 417Godspeed (ThuIr) - 11Final
6:25PM1Lockport, NY-RegRoad Kill (ThuCp) - 439Camel Toe Drag (ThuIr) - 6Final
7:20PM1Lockport, NYMonGdRegBuffalo Roadhouse Grill - 617Buffalo Steel - 9Final
8:15PM1Lockport, NYMonGdRegMalibu Heat - 639Tune Squad - 9Final
9:10PM1Lockport, NYMonGdRegGliss - 417Lords of the Rink - 15Final
10:05PM1Lockport, NY-RegHolidays (ThuIr) - 1139Inline Genocide (ThuCp) - 4Final
11:00PM1Lockport, NYThuIrRegFire Breathing Rubber Duckies - 517Nerd Herd - 4Final (OT)

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