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Games for October 15, 2013
Time Rink Location Div Type Home LR LR Away Status
6:00PM1Lockport, NYTuIrRegVillage Idiots - 513Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies - 8Final
7:00PM1Lockport, NY-RegMotha Puckers (TuCpr) - 624Bitches B Trippin (TuIr) - 3Final
8:00PM1Lockport, NY-RegRevision Riot (TuCpr) - 813Knights 2 (TuIr) - 6Final
9:00PM1Lockport, NYTuCprRegSwarm - 824Trailer Park Boys - 9Final
10:00PM1Lockport, NYTuCprRegChuck Norris - 613Knights- Tripi - 5Final
11:00PM1Lockport, NYTuCprRegManglers - 824Werewolves of London - 5Final

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