Statistical Leaders
Num Name Team GP G Sort Descending A PTS PPG SHG GWG STAR PIM
99Points, Unaccounted Highl, Royal, Going, Eagle, Neces, Revis, Icicl, USA72221840100716
26Villafranca, MikeEagle918927012142
54Arnold, TylerGoing916925001726
63Kovach, DerrickIcicl916420001104
99Pollina, JoeyUSA9131528001120
91Schwantzkopf, JoeUSA8131326002124
19Plew, JakeNeces71341701080
15Gidwitz, JoshNeces81282000184
47Angstenberger, MikeRevis912315003426
69Bapst, TomHighl91192000042
11Villafranca, AlexEagle911819000816
19David, CarlUSA911314002210
89Wasik, BrianRevis9102232102140
11Stadlmeir, MattRoyal910203010172
32Mangan, JohnRoyal91091910270
29Schultz, MichaelGoing91041410230
63Tothill, BrandonHighl9991800027
91Zaepfel, ZachRoyal88142210064
88Anderson, BrianEagle981018002412
27Smith, JackRevis9891700070
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GP = Games Played, G = Goals, A = Assists, PTS = Points, PPG = Power Play Goals, SHG = Shorthanded Goals, GWG = Game-Winning Goals, STAR = Star Points, PIM = Penalty Mins

Num Name Team GGP GMINS W L T SA GA SVS Sort Descending GAA SPCT SO
39Hayes, LukeIcicl9420270300552455.890.8170
31Smith, JustinGoing9405360281372444.110.8680
22White, ConnorHighl9420270310692417.390.7770
31Major, ChrisRevis9435720270332373.410.8780
39Villafranca, NicolasEagle9420540267392284.180.8540
30Eglin, ChrisUSA9405630274522225.780.8100
33Haner, TroyNeces9420450272502225.360.8160
1Menzies, SeanRoyal9420450267452224.820.8310
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GGP = Games Played, W = Wins, L = Losses, T = Ties, SA = Shots Against, GA = Goals Against, SVS = Saves, GAA = Goals Against Avg, SPCT = Save%