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Num Name Team GP G Sort Descending A PTS PPG SHG GWG STAR PIM
19Cordero, PhilJr. M14622284115334
99Points, Unaccounted May D, Visio, Rapto, Rolle, Jr. M, 50 in844225671032024
8Gorbell, CoreyMay D14412667112160
19Francemone, MitchellRapto14362460002206
29Lewandowski, KyleMay D133421551031420
5Metschl, NicholasVisio142719460101126
10Cohen, MattRapto14241842002102
11Robinson, AndrewRolle12221436002134
11Kostecky, Mitchell50 in14211132101712
26May, NateMay D1321315200154
8Prohaska, DaveRolle14171128010811
8Campione, AnthonyVisio1315122700038
8Carney, Collin50 in1115318011255
19Taggart, DevonRolle14151429004414
87Wadhwani, VijayVisio1414122600130
63Livingston, JesseMay D14131730110132
29Vaccaro, MikeJr. M1412233510176
19Pinto, Scott50 in1411122311008
7Calkins, MtchellRolle1410102030032
77Quigley, NickRapto1410172720144
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GP = Games Played, G = Goals, A = Assists, PTS = Points, PPG = Power Play Goals, SHG = Shorthanded Goals, GWG = Game-Winning Goals, STAR = Star Points, PIM = Penalty Mins

Num Name Team GGP GMINS W L T SA GA SVS GAA Sort Descending SPCT SO
54Partridge, Adam50 in000000000.000.0000
30Smith, JustinJr. M136001210329382912.850.8840
98Feind, JamesRolle146451130384673174.670.8260
30Sutton, RyanRapto13600850403743295.550.8160
30DAurizio, JosephMay D146606804361183188.050.7290
30Martin, Joe50 in1466031105391324079.000.7550
32Gill Jr, AlexVisio14630113052114138010.070.7290
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GGP = Games Played, W = Wins, L = Losses, T = Ties, SA = Shots Against, GA = Goals Against, SVS = Saves, GAA = Goals Against Avg, SPCT = Save%

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