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Num Name Sort Descending Team GP G A PTS PPG SHG GWG STAR PIM
8Zaepfel, ZackThund9201131001112
43Wolf, Jordanwith 1005500000
97Wheeler, ChristianAliga10551000018
10Waczkowski, MikeThund945900120
29Vrana, DanielFires911132400146
11Tripi, PaulFires911210000
10Trimper, WilliamFires9302656120196
10Tonsoline, AndrewSando10691500032
0Stadlmeir, Paulwith 5191000010
96Spina, DaveFires96131900224
31Smith, Justinwith 1000000000
44Smith, Joshwith 1011200000
43Shull, AndyTeam 933600002
44Shaw, JesseFires9221335103116
69Schunk, JakeFires904400004
2Schmidt, BrianAliga1012300008
17Scapone, AlfredoSando800000000
68Pronti, LukeTeam 9461000006
99Points, Unaccounted Buffa, Thund, with , Team 3712203200022
99Points, UnaccountedAliga, Tyuti, Sando, Fires38671300022
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GP = Games Played, G = Goals, A = Assists, PTS = Points, PPG = Power Play Goals, SHG = Shorthanded Goals, GWG = Game-Winning Goals, STAR = Star Points, PIM = Penalty Mins

Num Name Team GGP GMINS W L T SA GA SVS GAA Sort Descending SPCT SO
XGoalie-sandos, BackupSando316521011517984.640.8520
20Adcock, KyleThund9465540309532565.130.8280
29Flowers, JasonTeam 9450450320542665.400.8310
30Kuwick, JonTyuti9420810294512435.460.8270
30Mallare, MarcBuffa9420540282522305.570.8160
98Goalie-fire, BackupFires9420630296552415.890.8140
29Irwin, ShaneSando7330340198451536.140.7730
31Krebs, PatAliga10465460345722736.970.7910
31Smith, Justinwith 10450280328752537.500.7710
1-9 of 9 items displayed.
GGP = Games Played, W = Wins, L = Losses, T = Ties, SA = Shots Against, GA = Goals Against, SVS = Saves, GAA = Goals Against Avg, SPCT = Save%

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