Statistical Leaders
Num Name Team GP G A PTS PPG Sort Descending SHG GWG STAR PIM
99Points, Unaccounted Honey, Nerd , B Tri, Lawn , Rolle, The O30149231011110
99Mallare, MarcRolle5821010030
91Chaffee, MarcThe O571810134
77Gnozzo, VictorHoney5551010046
54Chapman, TomThe O515610000
30Rosenthal, MaxRolle312310020
11Hassenbohler, BrandonRolle560610102
10Smith, JustinB Tri541510004
10Rajczak, MatthewNerd 512310000
2Lamson, MattHoney522410000
97Belling, MarshallB Tri442600010
97Goalie - daddies, BackupRolle500000010
95Gill Sr, AlexHoney513400004
90House, KeithThe O501100002
89Kutch, JohnThe O5371000010
89Nelson, JeffreyHoney531400000
67Winter, ChrisB Tri532500122
66Ritz, JasonB Tri411200010
59Blackwell, RyanHoney510100000
44Snyder, RyanRolle5461000130
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GP = Games Played, G = Goals, A = Assists, PTS = Points, PPG = Power Play Goals, SHG = Shorthanded Goals, GWG = Game-Winning Goals, STAR = Star Points, PIM = Penalty Mins

Goaltending (Min. games)
Num Name Team GGP GMINS W L T SA GA SVS GAA Sort Descending SPCT SO
97Goalie - daddies, BackupRolle290200659564.500.8620
1Smith, JoshB Tri5225230166261405.200.8430
39Hayes, LukeThe O5225140177291485.800.8360
30Bowers, BrendanNerd 5225320165311346.200.8120
30Drum, KevinLawn 5225230177321456.400.8190
30Rosenthal, MaxRolle313512010121807.000.7920
32Rudnicki, KevinHoney5225050182381447.600.7910
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GGP = Games Played, W = Wins, L = Losses, T = Ties, SA = Shots Against, GA = Goals Against, SVS = Saves, GAA = Goals Against Avg, SPCT = Save%