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Tuesday Copper - Kenan

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Schedule & Results

Fall 2011
Date Time Location Type Opponent Result Status
Sep 2711:00PMLockport, NYRegat Red Wings Lost 5-6Box Score
Oct 410:00PMLockport, NYRegat Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies Won 7-6Box Score
Oct 119:00PMLockport, NYRegat Motor Boaters Won 3-2Box Score
Oct 1811:00PMLockport, NYRegat Werewolves of London Won 6-3Box Score
Oct 2511:00PMLockport, NYRegSnowstorms Won 6-4Box Score
Nov 110:00PMLockport, NYRegChuck Norris Lost 6-7Box Score
Nov 810:00PMLockport, NYRegOutkasts Won 14-2Box Score
Nov 159:00PMLockport, NYRegat Red Wings Won 10-7Box Score
Nov 2211:00PMLockport, NYRegat Werewolves of London Lost 5-8Box Score
Nov 299:00PMLockport, NYRegat Godspeed Lost 6-8Box Score
Dec 610:00PMLockport, NYRegat Chuck Norris Lost 4-8Box Score
Dec 139:00PMLockport, NYRegat Bad Mother Puckers Won 10-5Box Score
Dec 2010:00PMLockport, NYRegat Motor Boaters Lost 5-6Box Score
Dec 278:00PMLockport, NYRegWerewolves of London Won 6-3Box Score
Jan 310:00PMLockport, NYPlaat Motor Boaters Won 7-1Box Score
Jan 109:00PMLockport, NYPlaat Werewolves of London Won 5-4Box Score
Jan 178:00PMLockport, NYPlaat Chuck Norris Lost 3-4Box Score