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Schedule & Results

Summer 2013
Date Time Location Type Opponent Result Status
Apr 148:30PMWilliamsville, NYRegat Dangle Daddies Lost 10-11Box Score
Apr 217:35PMWilliamsville, NYRegBarry Melrose Mullet Lost 3-8Box Score
Apr 287:35PMWilliamsville, NYRegat Mighty Ducks Won 10-7Box Score
May 57:35PMWilliamsville, NYRegPylons (SunCp)Lost 3-10Box Score
May 128:30PMWilliamsville, NYRegat Webb & the Gang Lost 6-7Box Score
May 1911:15PMWilliamsville, NYRegGoon Squad Lost 5-6Box Score
Jun 27:35PMWilliamsville, NYRegat White Trash Bday Party Lost 9-12Box Score
Jun 99:00PMWilliamsville, NYRegCaputis Patutis Lost 5-7Box Score
Jun 168:30PMWilliamsville, NYRegBarry Melrose Mullet Won 9-5Box Score
Jul 218:30PMWilliamsville, NYRegVictorious Secret Lost 10-11Box Score
Jul 2810:20PMWilliamsville, NYRegat Mighty Ducks Lost 10-14Box Score
Aug 48:30PMWilliamsville, NYRegDangle Daddies Won 10-7Box Score
Aug 1111:15PMWilliamsville, NYRegGoon Squad Lost 7-10Box Score
Aug 187:35PMWilliamsville, NYRegat Webb & the Gang Won 9-5Box Score
Aug 254:50PMWilliamsville, NYPlaMighty Ducks Won 11-5Box Score
Aug 258:30PMWilliamsville, NYPlaat Goon Squad Won 7-2Box Score
Sep 14:00PMWilliamsville, NYPlaat Barry Melrose Mullet Won 5-4Box Score
Sep 111:00PMWilliamsville, NYPlaat Dangle Daddies Lost 6-7Box Score