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BLOGS  January 26th, 2010 at 12:50PM  February 23rd, 2010 5:48PM

Hey Wings Nation or Wingsnation, you decide...finally the blogs are back and our voices will be get started, this weekend is a big trip to our home away from home, Dumars, just outside Detroit, for TORHS Winternationals...even though we wont have the entire team together due to outside commitments, we will be rockin the Fieldhouse regardless...the Pro team we got going is lethal, crafty, sniperish and down right nasty...back are the usual suspects, Ricky Nawojski, Kyle Kozlowski, Baby Joe Malinowski, Alexander Durinkachuk, Russell "the muscle" Folga, Shawn Golden, and of course, Ty Walser.  Added to the team are returning vets Kyle Baumgartner, Bryan Dudziak, and Nicky Guagenti and up and coming "rookie" Chris Kendall.  Anchoring the d is all world goalie Richie Latona.  This team has been practicing hard the last few weeks and there hasn't been any give in the play, everyone is focused, determined, and ready for total domination.  Haak is freakin out about the talent on this team and he can smell victory.  Last year, finishing 3rd nationally placed us in the upper eschelon of hockey clubs, but Haak wants to be THE hockey club, the top dog, king of the hill, whatever...I'll say this, these players possess wrist shots that would make the Sabres do a double take.  We may have to go up against the likes of Pama and the Mudcats, but since we are only playing one division (junior was cancelled) and most of our players are in the 20-22 years old range, we have the youth, the energy, and with last years results, the experience to win us a Gold.  This is a team everyone in Wingsnation can be proud of...

On to the house league where my team, ACES, took home its first Copper Division championship with another impressive run in the playoffs.  There were no easy games, no matter what the scoreboard might say and it took herculean efforts from everyone to pull it out...shout outs to Matty Stadlmeir, Dave Spina, Mike Reilly, Pat Coyle, Steve Iceburgh and me for putting together a dominating season, and lets not forget Johnny Legend, aka Vek, who valiently battled an injury before succumbing to it wrath.  It was a magical season and what better way to defend it than with a hard fought 1st game against Dropping Loads, previously known as was a back and forth affair and it took up until the final moments to decide the outcome. 

I have for SALE...1 pair, size 13, Tour Cobalt Q skates, good condition, needs new wheels for $200.  I wore these for 1 session and didn't like the 80s all across.  They are a great skate and if you need a pair on the cheap, these can be yours...also, 1 Mission Thorax Wrap girdle, size XL.  Lots of protection $15...also, 2 RH TPS R61 sticks, 95 flex, lightweight.  Not sure on the curve, but I can find out...these are too whippy for me, I got for $90 a piece, but I will sell for $70 a piece or best offer...thanks

Ok, small talk is over and the blog is too long, so it is time to part ways again, but stay tuned...more updates from Wingsnation are on the way...until next time, Stevo out.

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