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The Real Definition Of A Rink Rat

BLOGS  January 31st, 2010 at 12:52PM  February 23rd, 2010 5:51PM
For those of you who must know, it is 2:40 am Sunday morning and I've been back in my hotel room for about 20 minutes now after a marathon 14 hour day at Dumars watching, scouting, and coaching hockey...yes, this is a great sport but man does it take a lot out of had its ups and downs...the pro team lost its first game against long time rival Pama, then won the next two, including a team defining victory over the Tour Mudcats only to lose the final game in the round robin to the Detroit Mission we finish at 2-2 and are good enough to make the playoffs, but our 1st round opponent is the Mudcats, so that should make for an interesting rematch...we outplayed them, were way faster than the older, "thicker" Mudcats, yet the experience and prowess of the Mudcats allowed them to almost steal one from us...if it weren't for Richie "all world, all the time" Latona making key stops and Ty Walser and Chris Kendall dangling impressive shootout goals, we may have had to play Pama in the first round...we had some trouble with their speed, which doesnt happen often, but if we play solid defense, we can negate anyones speed...anyway, we also have two adult teams playing...thus far, the Mcgavis team is undefeated and the Brown team lost 1 in the round robin and it looks as if they could meet in the same playoffs...yuck...anyway, we have to get up early tomorrow, which is today, in a few hours, so im gonna get some shut eye and hope to recharge my batteries for championship Sunday...more updates as I become awake and alert...Goodnight Wingsnation!!!

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