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So Close...

BLOGS  February 1st, 2010 at 12:55PM  February 23rd, 2010 5:52PM

The Wings Pro team took a monstrous step up the ladder of roller hockeys elite with a 2nd place showing at the TORHS Winter Cup.  Why monstrous you ask?  For more than one's a few...first, the Wings beat last years National Champion Tour Mudcats not once, but twice, and but a much improved margin the 2nd time...a 7-3 drubbing of the legendary team in the semifinals.  The Mudcats must have been thinking they were going to walk right into the finals again, but ran up against a determined, younger, hungrier squad, and saving the day was possible Team USA goalie Richie Latona.  Everyone was taking notice of Richie's play and his saves kept the team from folding down the stretch.  The second reason was Russell "The Muscle" Folga, who delivered the greatest hit in roller hockey history when he planted a Detroit Revolution player into the players bench.  The hit was almost duplicated in the championship game with Russ almost put a Pama player into his own bench.  Russ then laid out the most well known roller hockey player in Itan Chavira and that led to a turnover that the Wings almost capitalized on.  Russ was the force behind the physical game and it helped the team to the finals.  The third reason is the Wings have made such great strides in a short amount of time that they can no longer sneak up on teams and everyone comes ready to play the Wings.  Sometimes though, it doesnt even matter.  When the Wings play their game, it's hard for anyone to compete at the same level.  Pama got a little lucky in the championship game when the tournament MVP sniped one on Richie when no angle was present.  Buffalo never gave in and made a furious comeback attempt.  Pama might be the King right now, but our time is coming soon.  Everyone played well this weekend and there is no shame in a silver medal, even if gold is the standard.  Now the team has something to play for in a couple weeks for NARCh Winternats. 

Good showing by all Wings teams this weekend.  Both adult teams made the playoffs.  At least they didnt have to face each other in the 1st round. 

Haak was a major rink rat this weekend.  I was able to get in a round of mini golf with Berger and even though we "tied," I still had 2 holes in 1 and Berger 0.  I'll take that tie breaker.

I am exhausted today.  I have no energy and no cares.  It was a long weekend, but it was worth it.  We went to Detroit feeling like a top team and left Detroit knowing we were.  Now, in 2 weeks time, we can show the world who we are and how we do it...anyway, I'm out for now cuz I just can think of anything else to write...until next time Wingsnation, Steve out!!!


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