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Narch Winternational Preview

BLOGS  February 10th, 2010 at 1:03PM  February 23rd, 2010 6:07PM

Holyyyyyyyyyyyy......  It seems like Torhs Winters were months ago!  Probably because this trip has turned into such a challenge, personnel wise.  We went to Torhs with 11 guys.  After that tournament, Nick Guagenti decided that his career is going to come to an early end.  He possesses all the skill in the world, but unfortunately, has lost touch with the all important mental game that is so crucial to success at this level.  Bryan Dudziak is also going to be a healthy scratch as he has work obligations.  Kyle Baumgardner is also a healthy scratch as he is in New Orleans and just can't make the trip.  Lastly, Baby Joe Mailinowski was a late scratch as he also has work obligations to tend to.  All of you boys will be missed, but the party will still go on.  These were only a few of the problems we faced.  Richie LaTona will be flying in, Saturday morning from Michigan, where he will be with his UB ice hockey team.  Richie will miss our Friday night game, but will join the team for all 3 games on Saturday.  Russ Folga had been battling a knee injury from Torhs but we were able to nurse him back to health quickly enough.  Chris Kendal has an exam Friday night at 5pm and cannot make it in until Saturday morning!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I just want to coach, not be a travel agent!!!  haha

So we're down from 11 to 7 in less than 10 days.  We kept moving forward and I accepted the fact that we were gonna go with 7 guys.  Well, since then, I have acquired 2 more players - Pat Lee and Tyler Svoboda.  Pat is one of the top players in the country and has accomplished a lot in the world of roller.  You can say the same about Tyler Svoboda.  Tyler also accompanies Nabeel over at Revision Hockey to run that business.  So we're back up to 9 players, and 2 goalies.  I feel pretty good about our chances.  I just want to sit down with Pat and Tyler to discuss our system and what is expected from them.  They have both watched and competed against us numerous times, so they should pick it up with ease. 

It has also been quite the challenge to find drivers and match players up with times that work for them.  We got it done, somehow, and are ready to compete.  First game is Friday night at 9:50pm vs. Mission T-Dot.  Eric Werner will start this contest.  Eric will be starting his 2nd Pro game in as many years for the team.  I'm very excited for him, as he has put in so much time with the team and is more than deserving of this opportunity.  We will be without Richie LaTona and rookie Chris Kendal for this game.  Saturday at 11am we take on the always tough Savage Wolves.  We will have our full 9-man squad for this game and also Mr. LaTona will make his weekend debut.

It is going to be a very interesting weekend!  The boys are all pumped and ready to go.  I think adding Tyler and Pat will help the team in various ways.  In the past, some of the new players we have added have really taken to our motto.  We are a machine that is built to win and that's all we care about.  Every person has a job, and understands what that job is.  We do not care about personal accolades.  At the end of the day we want to look at that scorebored and be on top. 

Signing off and anxious as ever for take off -



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