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BLOGS  February 25th, 2010 at 11:10PM  February 26th, 2010 4:11PM
It's been a busy start to the 2010 year.  Lots of planning for the upcoming Amherst Pepsi Center season.  We also spent a lot of time getting ready for both Narch and Torhs Winter Nationals.  We haven't done both of them in a few years so I forgot how much work that becomes.  We did ok at both tournaments.  It's hard to be satisfied with anything but 1st place.  However, we do have a positive outlook on it and feel that we are developing the mental maturity it takes to become a championship team.  The reps are obviously a plus as well.  I just can't wait for the summer festivities to begin!
Speaking of summer, the emails and phone calls have been pouring in for the Amherst Pepsi Center.  We are doing everything in our power to make it the best one ever!  We have been floating around some prize ideas for the various division - Set of Revision Variant wheels and bearings for 1st place, set of Revision axis wheels for 2nd place, Reebok jump suit for 1st place, Reebok hat and speed wick (loose fit) shirt for 2nd, Buffalo Wings cash credit for 2011 season, and we are even thinking about a straight Cash prize for some of the top divisions.  As you all know, we have taken off the message board.  We had too many problems with spam bots and we figured facebook could act as our new message board.  Please feel free to add your input on our facebook page!
I have recently heard some comments in which people are downplaying our league.  I am sorry that some people feel that way.  While I do know that there are other quality leagues in the area, I think that the Buffalo Wings far surpass any other leagues list of amenities, not only in this local region, but in the country!  We work very hard to be the best at what we do.  We spend countless hours working and examining our moves and decisions.  We want to make sure that we provide the best experience to every customer that plays in our leagues and offerings.  Here is a list of things that every customer in the Buffalo Wings leagues get's or is entitled to with their enrollment -
- Live scoring
- Live stats and standing
- 3 star awards after every game
- Player of the month award in every division (awards ranging from wheels to gift cards)
- Highly discounted wheels and equipment from Revision hockey (at unbeatable prices)
- Highly discounted equipment from Reebok/CCM hockey
- High resolution pictures taken through every league and posted onto our facebook page for you to view or save.
- YouTube videos taken throughout the leagues and posted on our YouTube page
- NHL and AHL officials (in certain leagues)
- Music for pregame warm-ups, in between whistles and during intermissions.
- awards for 1st and 2nd place teams in each divisions, Award for Top Scorer, Top Goalie, and Championship MVP in each division
- Flexible payment plan
- Discount for playing in multiple divisions (20% of per extra team)
- FREE jersey to every player to provide a more professional look and an extra incentive to each customer
- Flex schedule to ensure proper competition in every division
- Blogs by reporters in the thick of Buffalo Wings hockey action.  Each person does their best to keep you posted in each aspect within the organization
- Monthly newsletter that also keeps you informed of everything within the Buffalo Wings
- Travel teams if you want to take your game to the next level
- We do our best to fulfill all scheduling requests (prior to beginning of the season)
- FREE Learn to Play program to all youth beginner's in an effort to expand the sport
Sometimes, it is better to see things on paper to see the value you are getting and justify the money you are spending.  We continuously look to improve our leagues and always consider our customers input.  If anyone has any ideas or comments, please email me - [email protected].
How about the Olympic hockey?  Wow, it is action packed and as exciting as it gets!  It's like NHL playoff hockey.  Doesn't get any better... sticks breaking all over the ice, players getting crushed all over the ice, players blocking shots all over the ice, body's flying everywhere!!!  Great stuff!  Let's go USA!!!
Speaking of good hockey, talks have begun for the Amherst Pepsi Center's top division - The Monday Silver/Gold League.  The most recent rumor is that Red Army and Diversity have combined forces.  If this is true, I am very excited as they will provide a tough match up every week.  I've been testing the Free Agent market and have been in some minimal negotiations with Kyle Kozlowski's team (IPRH?? Not sure what their name was last year).  The negotiations have been a little bit more in depth with the Jackals.  I would say the contract is almost signed.  However, I still may do my own team.  I am going to see how many teams sign up for Mondays.  If another solid team is needed then I will do the deed.  I sure would like a chance to play with Walser and Folga though!  These guys broke out in 2010 as complete animals and can currently be considered as one of the top lines in the country.  I would like to challenge myself to see if I can still play with the big boys. 
I'm off to the land of the sun this weekend with Vek.  We're taking our annual VekHaak vacation to Florida.  Let's hope I bring the warm weather home with me!
Signing off and ready for the heat wave -

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