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Sunday Bronze Flex Divisions


 May 16th, 2011 at 4:15AM

1. Dangle Daddies
2. Old Red Machine
3. Shenannigans
4. Faded Glory
5. Cherry Otters
6. John Stamos Full House
7. Eskimos
8. Chronic Danglers
9. Pup N Suds
10. Alligator Pie
11. Bad Publicity
12. Blue Barracudas
13. Youngbloods
14. Caputi Patuti
15. Two Dragons (copper)
16. Blood Brothers (copper)
17. Charlie Sheen (copper)
18. Slap Jaws (copper)
1. Swoop Daddies
2. PT Earls
3. Taking Back Sunday
4. Monin
5. Brado Family Picnic
6. Crush
7. Tink
8. Chuck Norris
9. Buffalo Dynamo
10. Hat Trick Swayze
* Schedule will be posted by Wednesday evening. If you are not happy with where your team is placed please contact Jason at 716-444-2667 by Tuesday morning to discuss. Once the schedule is posted it will be to late to make any changes. We think the teams are placed in the correct division to have the most competitive leagues possible. Thank You

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