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12u and 14u teams

Mission Hockey 12u and 14u Division teams have been picked!

 May 6th, 2012 at 1:01AM  May 9th, 2012 4:14AM

Week 1 Schedule -

6pm - Mission Bulldogs vs. Bauer Cyclones (14u)

7pm - Mission Prospects vs. Bauer Hurricanes (12u)

8pm - Mission Axiom vs. Bauer Supreme (14u)

12U Division Rosters

*Please keep in mind we may shuffle the teams up mid way through the season to change things up a bit.
Mission Prospects
Coach - Shawnee Oberholtzer
Hannah Totaro
Haley Metcalf
Mitchell Anderson
Josh Walerowicz
Aidan Green
Andrew Hall
Kyle Lazarou
Jared Lauta
Chandler Gilewski
Trace Smith 
Joseph D'Aurizio
Bauer Hurricanes
Coach - Mr. Siminski
Jack House
Nick Lazarou
Owen Wittman
Tyler Guarino
Ben Russ
Trevor Searns
Dustin Wick
Christopher Belter
Cameron Guarino
Nathan Walerowicz
Mark Farinacci
Goalies: David Rowell, Eric Siminski, Trace Smith, Elek Wittman
14U Division Rosters

* Please keep in mind that we will use a 2-3 week flex schedule in which players may be switched to different teams in order to keep things balanced throughout the year.
Mission Bulldogs
Coach - Matt Guarino
Ian Cherico
Xavier Sperandeo
Jack Kelly
Julian Sayers
Caleb Hannon
Michael Krasinski
Joey Lupica
Salvatore Lauricella
Nicholas Lazarou
Mission Axiom
Head Coach - Jeremy Guarino
Matt Cohen
Zach Devore
Brett Wilkinson
Brent Holler
Matthew Naples
Nikolas Quigley
Anthony Bakowski
Holden Green
Bauer Cyclones

Coach - Dan Rossi 
Alex Bluff
Mitch Francemone
Matt Rossi
Justin Kocher
Ken Horbett
Derrick Hanitz
Paul Stump
Andrew Searns
Jeremy Lysen
Bauer Supreme
Coach - Anthony Amoia
Ryan Arrastia
Jacob Evans
Salvatore Dinatale
Dominik Tallarico
Dakota Wolf
Nick Piekarski
Michael Musone
Steve Szymura
Anthony Amoia
Goalies: Joseph D'Aurizio, Cameron Guarino, David Rowell

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