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Molson Cash Cup Schedule

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 June 25th, 2013 at 6:11PM

Games begin Saturday at 12pm.  Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled game time as your game can start early with the tournament mercy rule in effect (8 goals).  
- All team fees must be paid in full prior to taking the floor for your first game
- Each player needs to be a WNYRHL member.  
- Each team will be allowed 1 timeout per game
 - 2 minute warm-up before each game
- 2 - 15 minute periods of running time will be played
- If goal difference is 1 goal or less, the last 1 minute of play is stop time.
- All games will be played with Rocket Pucks and ONLY game pucks will be provided. Warm 
up pucks will NOT be provided. 
- If following regulation a tie ensues, we will proceed with a 3 man shoot out until a 
winner is declared. NO game will end in a tie. 
- There will be a 30 second rest between halfs.
-  Tournament play will award 2 pts for a win and 0 pts for a loss; Shootout loss awards 1 pt.
- No one is allowed on player benches (except players and coaches) during games and warm-ups, including suspended players.

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