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2014 Summer Session Team List

Start Dates for each Division (All Players Please Check)

 April 10th, 2014 at 1:45PM  April 11th, 2014 4:36PM

Summer 2014 Checklist

  • All players must have a minimum payment of $100 towards their team fee and $30 for WNYRHL membership prior to week 1.  There will be no exceptions to these rules. 
  • All team captains must sign the rules and regulations sheet and provide a valid credit card number in the event of a forfeit.
  • All final balances are due prior to week 4.  Any player/team that is not paid in full by week 4 will be forced to forfeit until balance is paid in full.
  • All sales are final, we do not issue refunds for any reason.
  • Player's participating on a team in which we issue jerseys to will be responsible to report that number to WNYRHL staff.  If that number changes at any point during the season, it is that player’s responsibility to report it to WNYRHL staff.
  • All teams must wear matching jerseys throughout the season.
  • No substitute players will be allowed until the team is paid in full.


We have your wheel needs covered!  All WNYRHL members receive discounted pricing on all Revision Hockey wheels!  Please see a staff member to purchase!  These will be available at special pricing throughout the entire summer!


Mon/Thurs (Aluminum, Iron, Copper)

Start Date: Thursday 4/17 & Monday 4/21

1. Lawn Jockeys

2. Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies

3. Highlanders

4. Werewolves of London

5. Swarm

6. Mooneys

7. Snuggle Bears

8. Beer Growlers

9. Prestige Worldwide

10. Inline Genocide

11. Manglers

12. Knights

13. Deepen Cider

14. Winning Edge

15. Godspeed

16. High Rollers

17. Not so Mighty Ducks

18. Date Line Predators

19. Bad Mother Puckers

20. Muff Divers

21. Team Pretty Boy

22. Revision Riot

23. Buffalo Blazers

24. Puckin Clowns

25. Stampede

26. Bitches B Trippin

27. Tripod

28. Mud Shark Slayers

29. Americans

30. Nerd Herd


Tuesday (bronze, silver)

Start Date: Tuesday 4/22

1. LBL

2. G2

3. Team Rauh

4. Mighty Ducks

5. Knights-Tripi

6. Free Beer & Chicken

7. Godspeed

8. Orange Iguanas

9. Thundercats'

10. Poon Slayers

11. Team Dudz Casa

12. Usual Suspects

13. Taylor Gang

14. Pricks with Sticks

15. Buffalo Steel

16. Firebirds

17. Dangle Daddies

18. Peanut Butter & Celly

19. District 5


Wednesday (12u, 14u, Womens, 30 & Over)


Friday (18 & Under)

Start Date: Friday 4/25

1. 50 in 07

2. Jr. Manglers

3. Raptors

4. Roller Express

5. Vision

6. May Day


Saturday (Aluminum, Iron, Copper)

Start Date: Saturday 4/19

1. Roller Force

2. Chuck Norris

3. Village Idiots

4. Poon Tang Clan

5. Buffalo Bumbles

6. Thunder Buddies

7. Buffalo Nightmare

8. Bro Knights

9. Necessary Roughness

10. The Outsiders

11. High Slot Clap Bombs

12. No Name Just Game

13. Speedy Turtles

14. Just Puckin Around

15. Wolf Pack

16. Arctic Narwhals

17. Buffalo Gladiators

18. Running Riot


Sunday (Iron, copper, bronze, silver)

Start Date: Sunday 4/27 (9:00 am)

1. Caputis Patutis

2. Snip Show

3. Represent

4. Paranoid Bastards

5. Eaglez

6. Anchormen

7. Delta Sexys

8. Going Postal

9. Butter

10. Ralph Machios

11. Bad Publicity

12. Contra

13. Swoop Daddies

14. Monin

15. The Sticks of Truth

16. The Mighty Camel Toes

17. Buffalo Dynamo

18. Alden Bulldogs

19. PT Earls

20. Pylons

21. Skateful Dead

22. V.D.S.S.

23. Goon Squad

24. City Hawks

25. Royal Hammers

26. Muffalo Shavers

27. Dangle Daddies

28. Victorious Secret

29. Herriers over Buffalo

30. Stars & Snipes

31. Buffalo Steel

32. Moose Caulks

33. Nova Scotia Swindlers



* Everyone please check to make sure you are in the correct division and also that the team name is correct.


* Schedules will start being posted on Friday 4/11. Everyone please be patient as we are still finalizing divisions. We will get everything up as soon as we can.  If anybody needs assistance please EMAIL [email protected]  Please arrive a minimum of 30 minutes before your first game of the season for registration purposes!


* We will post a 2-3 week schedule to start for each division. Our staff will then choose the division your team belongs in to start the season. We will then post the schedule up until the mid-summer break which at that time we will make any necessary adjustments to the divisions. Then the remainder of the schedule and playoff schedules will be posted. 


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