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30+ Winter Session Rosters

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 February 10th, 2017 at 3:07PM  February 11th, 2017 5:59PM

* Games begin this Monday!  Please wear the jersey color of the team you are on.  We could also use a few more players if anyone is interested!  Please contact [email protected]

Team 1  (Black)                         Team 2  (Red)                                          

Dan Liberg                                 Rocky Stewart                        

Nick Tiedman                             Brett Davidson

David Prinzbach                         Mike Rizzo                     

Jason Carpentieri                       Alex Gill Sr   

Ramin Hafezi                             Craig Deschner

 Aria Hafezi                                 Marty Penichter

(G) Emily Terranova                 (G) Frank Passifume


Team 3  (Green)                        Team 4  (Blue)                                         

Mike Thomas                              Mike Villafranca                                                                       

Jim Hopkins                                Chuck Villafranca

Guy Bax                                      Alex Villafranca                    

Mark Paradowski                        Matt Rajczak                                                                   

John Helferty                              Rick Jacobs                                                                  

Chris Friedrich                            Eric Werner

Dennis Delaney                           Wendell Smith                                   

(G)  Jim Kariman                        (G) Josh Smith


Team 5 (Yellow)

Ken Smith

Jimmy Mallare

Mike Glauber

Paul Raul

Dennis Scovazzo

Matt Manzella

Jason Flowers

(G) Brian Buckley


6:55pm - Team 1 (Black) vs Zimmies

7:50pm - Team 2 (Red) vs Team 5 (Yellow)

9:40pm - Team 3 (Green) vs Team 4 (Blue)

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