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30+ Rosters

Click Here for 30+ Rosters and Schedule for Week 1

 April 29th, 2017 at 4:19PM  May 2nd, 2017 2:15PM

Here are the 30+ Rosters!  We are very excited to begin the season.  Please remember THESE ROSTERS ARE NOT FINAL AND ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE!!!  We did our best to match up teams but if we need to make some trades around week 3 or 4 then we will to even things out!  You will also notice that we have team captains labeled for each team.  If you can take charge and touch base with your team it would be a huge help to the league!  Maybe send out a group message each week to keep everyone in the loop and see who is showing and not showing!  If anyone is labeled a captain and wants to pass it off to another teammate, that is completely fine!  We will also be naming the teams so Captains, please get us team names after this week!

Week 1 Schedule - 

630pm - Team 1 vs. Team 6

730pm - Team 2 vs. Team 5

830pm - Team 3 vs. Team 4

Team 7 has a BYE this week.  If you would like to skate the rink it available from 5pm-630pm!

Team 1 - 

Brian Gilmartin (Captain)

Brennan Dracup

Mark Gamble

Gary Benzee

Ron Ternowski

Aria Hafezi

Guy Bax

Craig Deschner

Goalie - Jason Carpentieri

Team 2 - 

Linda Groff (Captain)

Kristen Spulecki

Sharon Lim

Andrew Clark

Frank Kreppel

JP Pauly

Dan Liberg

Chris Friedrich

Goalie - Emily Terranova

Team 3 - 

Wendell Smith (Captain)

Jake Yates

Joe Martucci

Matt Szczepanski

Patrick Scanlon

Ken Smith

Mike Lazeration

Charles Castro

Paul Reil

Goalie - Frank Passafume

Team 4 - 

Mike Thomas (Captain)

Jeff Czowdak

Dave Stapleton

Matt Davignon

Dennis Delaney

George Clark

Charlie Betker

Dan Miller

Goalie - Michael Wawrzyczek

Team 5 - 

Alex Gill Sr. (Captain)

Brett Davidson

Shaun Davidson

Matt Lamson

Nick Yager

Tommy Mallare

Jimmy Mallare

Andrew Campbell

Jim Hopkins

Goalie - Jack Davis

Team 6 - 

Ramin Hafezi (Captain)

Brendan Heavy

John Canty

Alex Emmerson

Matt Rajczak

Ronald Charles

Scott Majchrzak

Dave Prinzbach

Goalie - Dean Drozdowski

Team 7 - 

Matt Manzella (Captain)

Derek Marchiano

John Klukowski

Rich Jacobs

Mike Rizzo

Nick Tiedman

Michael Buck

Mark Paradowski

Goalie - Sean McParlane

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