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Youth Roster and Schedule Week 1

Game 1 is this Wednesday, 5/24 - Click Here for Rosters and Schedule

 May 19th, 2017 at 5:20PM  May 26th, 2017 5:40PM

Everyone will receive jerseys prior to this weeks game!  Please arrive 15 minutes early so we can assign you a number and get you into our stat system!  We are looking forward to beginning another great season with everyone!  If you are NOT on a roster and plan on playing please email [email protected] ASAP!  We also need a few more goalies and goalies play for FREE!!!  Please let me know if you or a friend have any interest!  Check below for rosters and Week 1 Schedule!  After this week, schedule will be found by CLICKING HERE

10u/12u Schedule Week 1

6pm - Team 1 vs. Team 4

640pm - Team 2 vs Team 3

14u/16u Schedule Week 1

720pm - Team 2 vs Team 4

8pm - Team 1 vs Team 3

10u/12u Rosters

Team 1 - (Coach - Mike Vertino)

Marco Lipinoga

Donovan Hamilton

Dylan Szydlowski

Mason Szydlowski

Kiley Breeze

Braden Breeze

Josh Fletcher

Nick Christman

Preston Vertino

Mason Vertino

Goalie - Sean Hamilton

Team 2 - (Coach - George Clark)

Jadyn Clark

Tristyn Clark

Alex Viterna

Matt Spear

Noah Smith

Nick Kerwin

Sebatian Thome

Jacob Boyack

Braden Sims

Goalie - Dylan Guarino

Team 3 - (Coach - Guy Bax)

Savino Bax

Lucas Cirino

Andrew Balling

Lance VanDusen

Colin VanDusen

Aiden Caza

Owen Krauss

Jonathon Beck

Goalie - Evan Frier

Team 4 (Coach - Eric Haak)

Sofia Haak

Cooper Potts

Maxx Donner

Christian Anzalone

Nick Anzalone

Alex Tallides

Otto Spielberger

Michael Lyman

Drew Fish

Goalie - Haden Dawson

14u/16u Rosters

Team 1 (WNY Amateur Sports) (Coach - Eric Haak)

Will Burhans

Greg Gegenfurtner

Matt Nettina

Ryan Schleef

Shawn Hockenberry

Nick Schaeffer

Jason Melanson

Elek Wittman

Ricky Johnson

Tucker Nadler

Goalie - Kyle Lazarou

Team 2 (Nickel City 716ers) (Coach - Mike Cochran)

Sean Cochran

Brady Hildreth

Brandon Barthold

Anthony Bellacose

Derek Pastor

Sean Keogh

Jake Hammersmith

Tim Hammersmith

Connor Schobert

Goalie - Zach Jarosz

Team 3 (Bardown Creative) (Coach - Neal Jones/Dave Cirino)

Pat Jones

Colton Czajka

Andrew Doran

Colin Nelson

Luke Tomasik

Maoto Shimojo

Josh Pantera

Dan Cirino

Christian Walters

Dominic Casillo

Goalie - Mike Reynolds

Team 4 (Frightworld)(Coach - Guy Bax/Alex Gill/Jason Carpentieri)

Ethan Barnes

Roshan Brown-Ali

Cameran Coogan

Colin Coogan

Luke Kerwin

Andrew Kerwin

Bentley White

Evan Harvey

Maxx Donner

Ryan Young

Ryan Peterson

Goalie - 



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