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Events for August 2019
Day Name Location
1st2019 Summer PlayoffsWilliamsville, NY
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Games for Sunday August 25, 2019
Time Location Div Home LR LR Away Status
8:15AMWilliamsville, NYSuntnSquirrel Nutz 17Let's Trip Preview
9:10AMWilliamsville, NYSuntnRoller Daddies 39Goal Diggerz Preview
10:05AMWilliamsville, NYSunAlRalph Machios 17Hogs Preview
11:00AMWilliamsville, NYSunAlBuffalo Bumbles 39Buffalo Brews Preview
11:55AMWilliamsville, NYSunIrStar Spangle Dangles 17Lockport Armada Preview
12:50PMWilliamsville, NYSunIrMake Sundays Great Again 39Fruit Booters Preview
1:45PMWilliamsville, NYSunCpRepresent Preview
2:40PMWilliamsville, NYSunCpOutlandish Owls 39Chiefs Preview
3:35PMWilliamsville, NYSBrze50 in 07 17Backdoor Snipers Preview
4:30PMWilliamsville, NYSBrzeChunky Monkey 39Swoop Daddies Preview
5:25PMWilliamsville, NYSuntnSunday Tin Final17Sunday Tin Final
6:25PMWilliamsville, NYSunAlSunday Alum Final39Sunday Alum Final
7:25PMWilliamsville, NYSunIrSunday Iron Final17Sunday Iron Final
8:25PMWilliamsville, NYSunCpSunday Copper Final39Sunday Copper Final
9:25PMWilliamsville, NYSBrzeSunday Bronze Final17Sunday Bronze Final
10:25PMWilliamsville, NYSunSvShooting Blanks 39Red Barons Preview


  • Teams will have until the start of their SECOND GAME to request schedule changes for the remainder of the season. Once this passes, the schedule is considered final. Any team that cannot make a game will forfeit the game and will NOT be rescheduled. This includes off day games or late games (1020 and 1115pm) games.  Please do not screen shot the schedule as it is subject to change!  We will notify the team captain of a schedule change and it is their job to notify the players.  Please check schedule on the day of games!
  • Teams that do not call or notify management at least 48 hours in advance will most likely be given a forfeit. In addition, any teams that do this twice in one season will be removed from the division with NO REFUND.  A forfeit fee of $50 will be collected from the forfeiting team IF 24 hours notice is given.  If no notice is given a $100 administration fee will be collected from the forfeiting team.









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