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Whitehawks Saturday IRON



Schedule & Results

Summer 2011
Date Time Location Type Opponent Result Status
Apr 2311:30AMWilliamsville, NYRegFlying Squirrels Won 10-6Final
Apr 303:00PMWilliamsville, NYRegDick Duncan and the Dirty Dnts Lost 3-6Final
May 149:00PMWilliamsville, NYRegLumberJacks (SatCp)Lost 2-9Final
May 214:00PMWilliamsville, NYRegDick Duncan and the Dirty Dnts Won 7-5Final
May 287:00PMWilliamsville, NYRegFlying Squirrels Lost 4-5Final
Jun 119:00PMWilliamsville, NYRegat Thunder Won 10-9Final
Jul 98:00PMWilliamsville, NYRegBusty Boys Won 10-9Final (OT)
Jul 162:00PMWilliamsville, NYRegat Necessary Roughness Won 7-6Final
Jul 235:00PMWilliamsville, NYRegat Wings Individual Won 10-7Final
Jul 304:00PMWilliamsville, NYRegPuckin Clowns Lost 6-9Final
Aug 63:00PMWilliamsville, NYRegDick Duncan and the Dirty Dnts Won 7-4Final
Aug 135:00PMWilliamsville, NYPlaNecessary Roughness Won 13-7Final
Aug 203:00PMWilliamsville, NYPlaBusty Boys Lost 9-12Final

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