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Dirty Snipers Friday 22u Silver



Schedule & Results

Summer 2012
Date Time Location Type Opponent Result Status
Apr 207:00PMWilliamsville, NYRegat Dirty Birds Won 16-11Final
Apr 277:00PMWilliamsville, NYRegDusty Mcplugs Lost 3-6Final
May 47:00PMWilliamsville, NYRegMen With Wood Lost 6-8Final
May 115:00PMWilliamsville, NYRegTaylor Gang Lost 10-11Final
May 184:00PMWilliamsville, NYRegGrab Life by the Conquers Lost 3-7Final
May 256:00PMWilliamsville, NYRegDirty Birds Lost 11-15Final
Jun 85:00PMWilliamsville, NYRegat Dusty Mcplugs Won 1-0Final
Jul 67:00PMWilliamsville, NYRegat Men With Wood Won 11-2Final
Jul 137:00PMWilliamsville, NYRegat Taylor Gang Won 12-6Final
Jul 275:00PMWilliamsville, NYRegat Grab Life by the Conquers Won 13-6Final
Aug 35:00PMWilliamsville, NYRegat Dirty Birds Won 11-4Final
Aug 106:00PMWilliamsville, NYRegDusty Mcplugs Won 6-5Final
Aug 176:00PMWilliamsville, NYRegMen With Wood Won 12-1Final
Aug 245:00PMWilliamsville, NYRegTaylor Gang Lost 2-13Final
Aug 316:00PMWilliamsville, NYPlaGrab Life by the Conquers Lost 6-7Final

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