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Victorious Secret Sunday IRON



Schedule & Results

Summer 2013
Date Time Location Type Opponent Result Status
Apr 141:00PMWilliamsville, NYRegEaglez (SunCp)Won 13-3Final
Apr 212:00PMWilliamsville, NYRegBad Publicity (SunCp)Won 9-6Final
Apr 289:25PMWilliamsville, NYRegat Arctic Narwhals (SunCp)Won 8-1Final
May 53:55PMWilliamsville, NYRegat Caputis Patutis Won 7-5Final
May 126:40PMWilliamsville, NYRegat Goon Squad Lost 8-14Final
May 1912:00PMWilliamsville, NYRegat Barry Melrose Mullet Lost 10-13Final
May 2610:00AMWilliamsville, NYRegat Webb & the Gang Lost 5-6Final
Jun 212:00PMWilliamsville, NYRegat Mighty Ducks Won 14-10Final
Jun 1611:00AMWilliamsville, NYRegDangle Daddies Lost 8-9Final (OT)
Jul 218:30PMWilliamsville, NYRegat Delta Sexys Won 11-10Final (OT)
Jul 286:40PMWilliamsville, NYRegat White Trash Bday Party Lost 5-12Final
Aug 44:50PMWilliamsville, NYRegat PT Earls (SunSv)Lost 6-12Final
Aug 1110:20PMWilliamsville, NYRegat Caputis Patutis Lost 11-12Final (OT)
Aug 183:55PMWilliamsville, NYRegat Goon Squad Won 11-2Final
Aug 255:45PMWilliamsville, NYPlaat Caputis Patutis Won 15-6Final
Sep 11:00PMWilliamsville, NYPlaDangle Daddies Lost 9-11Final

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