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D-Rock & the Boyz PEScience Sunday IRON



Schedule & Results

Summer 2018
Date Time Location Type Opponent Result Status
Apr 297:50AMWilliamsville, NYRegat Fruit Booters Won 8-4Final
May 68:45AMWilliamsville, NYRegLockport Armada Won 6-3Final
May 138:45AMWilliamsville, NYRegThe Mighty Cameltoes Lost 7-10Final
May 208:45AMWilliamsville, NYRegAligator Pie (SunCp)Won 5-4Final (OT)
May 278:45AMWilliamsville, NYRegOutlandish Owls Lost 3-9Final
Jun 38:45AMWilliamsville, NYRegTrap Starz Lost 5-11Final
Jun 108:45AMWilliamsville, NYRegStar Spangle Dangles Won 10-2Final
Jun 178:45AMWilliamsville, NYRegStraight up the Ennis Won 12-10Final
Jun 248:45AMWilliamsville, NYRegHitting from Behind Won 10-3Final
Jul 18:45AMWilliamsville, NYRegRepresent Won 9-5Final
Jul 228:45AMWilliamsville, NYRegMighty Ducks Lost 5-10Final
Jul 298:45AMWilliamsville, NYRegat Fruit Booters Lost 3-7Final
Aug 58:45AMWilliamsville, NYRegat Eaglez Won 7-1Final
Aug 128:45AMWilliamsville, NYRegThe Mighty Cameltoes Won 1-0Final
Aug 193:00PMWilliamsville, NYPlaHitting from Behind Lost 8-9Final

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