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10u Rosters and Week 1 Schedule

Please Click Here to view our 10u rosters and schedule for Week 1!

 May 22nd, 2021 at 6:52PM  May 23rd, 2021 8:09PM

Please arrive 20-30 minutes early this week! We will be handing out jerseys and need to get everyones number in our system for stats! This is the biggest year of youth roller hockey in our history!  We are short a couple sets of jerseys as we didn't plan on this big of a turn out!  We ordered 2 more sets of custom league jerseys that should arrive in 3-4 weeks.  Until then, we will put together some generic sets for the teams that are waiting!  When you arrive please come up to the check in table, grab your jersey, report your number and head down to the locker room to get ready!

Week 1 Schedule 10u

430pm - Team 1 (Goalie - Madeline Gregory) vs Team 4 (Goalie - Zander Casillas)

515pm - Team 2 (Zander Casillas)  vs Team 3 (Goalie - Madeline Gregory)

***We will assign goalies to teams each week to ensure the team has a goalie!  If anyone would like to be added to our goalie list, please contact [email protected]!  A text message will be sent to the goalie group every week by Tuesday night!***

Current Goalie List - Zander Casillas, Madeline Gregory, Brody Dawson

Team 1

Joseph Lacaprucia

Weston Myers

Kohl Myers

David Stefniak

Zeb Zollinger

Aerik Battaglia

Aaron Battaglia

Liam Chabala

Leo Reinhardt

AJ Gervaise

Head Coaches – Josh Myers / Dave Stefniak

Team 2

Joseph Farina

Vincent Farina

Ryan Mendyk

Jace Bak

Mason Vertino

Jack Soehnlein

Jacob Mulvaugh

Bradley Barrett

Henry Day

Head Coach – Mike Vertino / Dan Bak

Team 3

Mitchell Hillman

Dan Colpetzer

Izahya Ferland

Zegan Grimes

Abdiel Garcia

Noah Lundquist

Dominic Moser

Landon Whitmore

Naomi Gregory

Head Coach – Jon Ferland

Team 4

Leo Parini

Cody Jones

Jackson McInerney

Logan Standsblack

Judah Thuman

Lucas Candino

Chase Candino

Carter Ostrowski

Tristyn Clark

Head Coach – George Clark

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