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  • 2023 Summer Session @ The Northtown Center

  • Schedule for Summer 2023 Youth League

  • WNY Roller Hockey Youth League will play on Wednesday evenings!  All players that play in our league will receive FREE entry to our weekly skills and drills program from 4pm-5pm!  This provides a great chance to brush up on some skills and receive some extra hockey instruction from some of our top league players!  10u games will begin around 5pm and usually end around 630 or so depending on registration!  This is a co-ed NON contact league so no need to worry about age and size difference!  Teams will be picked accordingly to skill level so we can make them as even as possible!

    This will be the schedule to begin the season - (anticipated end date August 23rd) and we will have a couple weeks off in July for our mid summer break)

    May 10th -

     4pm-5pm - Skills and Drills

     5pm-6pm - 10u Practice #1

             6pm-730pm - 15u Practice #1

             730pm - 9pm - 21u Practice #1

            May 17th - 

             4pm-5pm - Skills and Drills

             5pm-6pm - 10u Practice #2

             6pm-730pm - 15u Practice #2

             730pm - 9pm - 21u Practice #2

* After This practice we will pick teams for the season and actual games will begin on Wednesday May 24th!  Approximate game times will be -

  • 4pm - Skills and Drills
  • 5pm - 10u
  • 630pm-830pm - 15u
  • 830pm-1030pm - 21u
  • We are excited to announce our Summer 2023 League will begin play Wednesday May 10th at the Northtown Center!  Please click below for more information on our Summer 2023 session.  We will continue to accept Registrations our traditional way - by phone, email, mail and in person, but we are transitioning to our All New online registration system which will provide many perks to all of our players.  Registration and payments can be made directly into the system, you can track what's owed and when it's due and also will allow for much better communication between WNYRHL staff and all of it's players.  You will even be able to print your own personal player card from your login page!



  • The Verbero Hockey Summer 2023 Skills and Drills

  • Formerly known as our Learn to Play and Beginner League!
  • Our Skills and Drills program is designed for players looking to brush up on hockey skills!  ages 3 -16, whether the child needs to learn how to skate or learn the rules and skills required for hockey.  We will break the players into small groups based on ability and giving them some drills and attention. 
  • The program is designed for some basic skills and light instruction!  Many players also choose to use it as extra rink time to practice shots and skating on their own!
  • The child may repeat the program as many times as needed.  Once a player feels he or she is ready, we offer a scrimmage game for them to advance to a specialized, low competition, game style where instruction is still provided in a nurturing environment.   Eventually, our House Youth League is available for players who are comfortable with their skills and ready to play competitive hockey.  Please click below for more info on our Beginner Skills and Drills program!
  • Experienced instructors will provide basic lessons in skating skills, techniques, and basic In-Line hockey rules, techniques, and skills with minimal equipment required. Goalie instruction also available
  • Shin Pads, Elbow Pads, Gloves, Helmet w/cage, Skates w/indoor wheels, Hockey Stick, Inline Pants (sweat or pajamapants acceptable), & Cup (Optional)
  • Goalie equipment: Pads, Helmet & Neck guard, Chest Protector, Pants, Goalie Stick, Blocker and Glove.


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