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18u Rosters and Week 1 Schedule

Please Click Here to view our 18u rosters and schedule for Week 1!

 May 22nd, 2021 at 7:26PM  May 25th, 2021 4:23PM

Please arrive 20-30 minutes early this week! We will be handing out jerseys and need to get everyones number in our system for stats! This is the biggest year of youth roller hockey in our history!  We are short a couple sets of jerseys as we didn't plan on this big of a turn out!   When you arrive please come up to the check in table, grab your jersey, report your number and head down to the locker room to get ready!

We also did the best we could to honor all requests AND make teams as fair as possible!  After a few weeks if we determine teams are drastically unfair, we will shuffle players around to adjust!  We want the league to be competitive but it is also very important for the kids to have fun as well!

  • ***We can use a couple more coaches!  Are there any parents out there that wouldn't mind helping out on the bench during game day? We would love to have a head coach and assistant coach in case one person cannot make it on a given week - please email [email protected] if willing***
  • ***We will assign goalies to teams each week to ensure the team has a goalie!  If anyone would like to be added to our goalie list, please contact [email protected]!  A text message will be sent to the goalie group every week by Tuesday night!***

This is what we currently have for our goalie pool - 

Jadyn Clark, Hayden Dawson, Nathan Anderson, Devin Derda, Kaden Tipton, Elek Wittman

Schedule for Week 1

815pm - Team 1 (Goalie - Wittman)  vs Team 6 ( Goalie - Tipton)

9pm - Team 2 (Goalie - Tipton) vs Team 5 (Goalie - Nate Anderson )

945pm - Team 3 (Goalie - Tipton)  vs Team 4 (Goalie - Nate Anderson) 


Team 1

Tim Nettina

Matt Nettina

Christian Nettina

Pat Nettina

Dominic Memminger

Paul Rydzynski

Jack Fuchs

Braeden Stteducati

Aiden Boyd

Head Coaches – John Nettina

Team 2

Roy Bialy

Jacob Falter

Joshua Carney

Derek Danner

Dan Weitz

Devin Derda

Owen Krauss

Andrew Malone

Savino Bax

Alex Fulfaro

TJ Bamrick

Head Coach – Guy Bax

Team 3

Matt Bajer

Mason Claar

Ryan Dennee

Devin Light

Jonathon Lozada

Kayden Mendyk

Ian Williams

Aaron Abbata

Logan D’Andrea

Head Coach – Jeremy Abbata

Team 4

Justin Brown

Jordan Brown

Dominic Burgess

Evan Johnson

Braden Yiengst

Dan Martinek

William Burhans

Koryn Kaczynski

Kirsten Kaczynski

Joshua Swartwood

Kyle Hybicki

Head Coach – Mike Brown

Team 5

Maxx Donner

Zander Casillas

Lucius Casillas

Lance VanDusen

Lawson Wallworth

Dan Cirino

Lucas Cirino

Sam Herr

Austin Bush

Carter Mendyk

Head Coach – Lewis Casillas

Team 6

Alex Viterna

Jadyn Clark

Justin Turco

Donovan Hamilton

Haeden Ellis

Matt Lansing

Mason Serafin

Sean Hamilton

Gaeton Buczynski

Eric Guzdek

Jared Kulik

Head Coach – George Clark





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