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 September 23rd, 2017 at 11:25AM  September 24th, 2017 9:44PM

We have released our first set of rosters for the Fall 2017 30+ Division at the Kenan Center.  Remember, these rosters ARE NOT final and are subject to change if need be to allow for the best competition possible.  Any player on any team could be moved at or around week 4 to even teams up!

Please bring the color jersey that is listed for your team!  I have also named team captains for each team and I would appreciate it if these captains can coordinate things during the season!

Team 1 - (Black)

Dan Liberg (Captain)

R Hafezi

A Hafezi

Mike Thomas

Paul Tripi

Mark Paradowski

Joe Martucci

Jim Karimen (G)

Team 2 - (Yellow)

Rocky Stewart (Captain)

Brett Davidson

Shawn Davidson

Dan Miller

Michael Buck

Chris Friedrich

Mike Kelly

Jack Davis (G)

Team 3 - (Red)

Alex Gill (Captain)

Jim Hopkins

Marty Penidnter

Matt Racjhzak

Mike Rizzo

Jimmy Mallare

Jason Flowers

Emily Terranova (G)

Team 4 - (Orange)

Andrew Clark (Captain)

Matthew Lamson

Wednell Smith

Mike Glauber

Davis Prinzbach

Steve Young

Rick Jacobs

Dennis Delaney 

Will Trimper (G)

Team 5 - (Blue)

Ken Smith (Captain)

Dennis Scovazzo

Keith House

Mike Stawicki

Kevin Ruggierro

Matt Manzella

Jessary Orrick

Jason Carpentieri (G)

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