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Summer 2023 17u Rosters

Formerly known as our 15u Division

 May 19th, 2023 at 5:14PM  May 23rd, 2023 8:06PM

  • We want to thank all the parents and kids who came out for our 2023 WNYRH youth league evaluations. As the rosters have grown, we appreciate a series of age ranges and skill levels. We are committed to maintaining an atmosphere the allows all skill levels to flourish and therefore have decided to adjust the 15u division to the 17u division! We are excited for the season ahead and posted are the now 15u rosters and schedule for week 1!  


  • We do have room for another couple of players if anyone has a friend or two that want to join in!


  • We need a couple more goalies!!!  Contact Eric 716-903-2658 


  • Please remember this is a recreational league!  We pride ourselves on fun, competitive hockey!  Rosters are not final and are subject to change if we think it will help even up teams!  We can use some coaches, please contact Eric if you are interested in helping out on the bench for gameday!  


  • We put a ton of time into the league on the backend!  We understand everyone is busy but please do the best you can for the season with attendance!  We appreciate it very much!


  • Moving forward the schedule and stats can be found on our schedule page which you can CLICK HERE to see


  • Jerseys will be given out this week! Please arrive 30 minutes before your game this week!  All players need to check in to grab your jersey and report your number to our staff so we can get you into the stat system!


  • If anyone needs wheels or bearings we have them at discounted pricing to all of our members!  Players will benefit the most from wearing indoor wheels which are softer than what you wear outside!


  • Goalies are not assigned to teams yet!  For now, we will send a goalie schedule out each week letting you know what team and time you play!

Week 1 Schedule -

4pm-5pm Skills and Drills which is an open skate to anyone that plays in our youth leagues!

630pm - Team 1 vs Team 4

  • Team 1 Goalie this week - Austin Bush
  • Team 4 Goalie this week - Nick Christmann

715pm - Team 2 vs Team 3

  • Team 2 Goalie this week - Nick Christmann
  • Team 3 Goalie this week - Maddie Gregory

8pm - Team 5 vs Team 6

  • Team 5 Goalie this week - Maddie Gregory
  • Team 6 Goalie this week - Devin Derda


Team 1

Cullen Ciesielski

Kristopher Schiavone

Gavin Springer

Liam Wallworth

Ryan Glinski

Mak Wolfe

Alexa Leonard

Dallas Radel

Justin Ciesielski

Coach - Bob Wolfe

Team 2 –

Sam Breitwieser

Peyton McCann

Dj Burgio

Adam Mellerski

Joshua Wanat

Bryce Ciesielski

Ryan Batt

Jon Batt

Henry Baumgartner

Jake Economou

Coaches - Pete Mellerski

Team 3 –

Bryan Lansing

Jack Szymanski

Hudson Ellis

JJ Murphy

Ron Pilat

Drew Daley

Sawyer Rizzo

Haraas Abu-Sitta

COACH - Jack Digiulio

Team 4 –

Preston Vertino

Mason Vertino

Nick Christman

Bentley Kirchgessner

Alex West

Sean Hamilton

Bryan Jastrab

Austin Howland

James Materese

Coach - Mike Vertino

Team 5 - 

Leo Parini

Mitchell Hillman

Salvatore Burkhardt

Gabe Faso

Naomi Gregory

Ella Walker

Sekai Leatherland

James Middleton

Coach - Brad Waltz

Team 6

Cam Sears

Chuckie Sears

Ryan Filbert

Luke Marzec

Kaiden Preyer

Warner Kley

Landon Whitemire

Tristan Clark

Jadyn Clark

Johny Provenzo

Enzo Syracuse

Coach - George Clark


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