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2019 Youth Roller Hockey League Rosters

Games begin May 22nd!

 May 18th, 2019 at 1:51PM  May 21st, 2019 4:01PM

Please remember we are doing our best to honor requests while provided the most competitively matched teams that we can!  We reserve the right at any time in the season to make adjustments to even out teams!  Please arrive 20 minutes early this week to get your jersey and sign the roster!  If you got lost in the shuffle and are not on a roster please contact Eric immediately - [email protected] or TEXT 716-903-2658

We could also use a few more goalies if anyone knows of any!!!

10u/13u Division Rosters and Schedule

6pm - Team 1 (The V Brothers) vs Team 2 (Flashpoint)

  • Team 1 Goalie this week - Cash Wedge / Team 2 Goalie this week - Evan Frier

640pm - Team 3 (Northtown Center) vs Team 4 (Just Dishin)

  • Team 3 Goalie this week - Evan Frier / Team 4 Goalie this week - Aidan Covey

720pm - Team 5 (Bardown Creative) vs Team 6 (Envious Gamewear)

  • Team 5 Goalie this week - Evan Frier / Team 6 Goalie this week - Aidan Covey

Team 1 Roster (The V Brothers)

Coach - Mike Vertino

Brian Pickreign, Adam Pickreign, Preston Vertino, Mason Vertino, Gabe Faso, Nick Christman, Logan Dandrea, Joshua Swartwood, Matt Ritter, Mike Lyman

Team 2 Roster (Flashpoint)

Coach - George Glark

Jadyn Clark, Trystyn Clark, Alex Viterna, Jordan Brown, Justin Brown, Nick Kerwin, Troy Normandin, Ryan Zamer, Bedie Rittling

Team 3 Roster (Northtown Center)

Coach - Brad Waltz

Tyler Waltz, Robert Wild, David Yuzbashev, Evan Frier, Jacob Sexton, Andrew Balling, Jace Szabo, Colin Vandusen, Alex Fulfaro, Emerson Reynolds

Team 4 Roster (Just Dishin)

Coach - Zack Donner

Evan Johnson, Jack Porter, Aiden Covey, Tyler Visnecky, Sean Hamilton, Lorenzo Behr, Silvio Behr, Liciano Behr, Dominic Donato, Keegan Murphy

Team 5 Roster (Bardown Creative)

Coach - Matt Dayfert

Dan Martinek, Dominic Burgess, Dave Stefniak, Weston Myers, Alex Tallides, Josh Hoffman, Jonah Cichocki, Dylan Michael-Robb, Enzo Murphy, Sal Mantiome

Team 6 Roster (Envious Gamewear)

Coach - Guy Bax

Savino Bax, Ava Wedge, Cash Wedge, Otto Spielberger, Sofia Haak, Owen Krauss, Lucas Cirino, Kristen Kaczynski, Gavin Lyons, Mile Santa-Maria

14u/18u Division Rosters and Schedule

8pm - Team 5 (Regals) vs Team 6 (Young Guns)

  • Regals Goalie this week - Frank Pitrelli, Young Guns Goalie this week - Zach Jarosz

840pm - Team 2 (B.Y.L.T Bandits) vs Team 3 (Revision Rhinos)

  • B.Y.L.T. goalie this week Zach Jarosz, Revision goalie this week Elek Wittman

920pm - Team 1 ( vs Team 4 (Vitamin Shoppe on Walden)

  • WNYamateursports goalie this week Frank Pitrelli, Vitamin Shoppe Goalie this week Elek Wittman

Team 1 Roster (

Coach - Zack Donner

Nick Reif, Dan Reif, Connor McCusker, Dylan Horbett, Ken Swain, Brett Beck, Maxx Donner, Lance VanDusen, Dan Cirino, Luke Tomasik

Team 2 Roster (B.Y.L.T Bandits)

Coach - Matt Dayfert

Cam Coogan, Colin Coogan, Colin Bandelian, Derek Pastor, Aj Neubert, Koryn Kaczynski, Sean Keogh, Will Burhans, Shawn Hockenberry

Team 3 Roster  (Revision Rhinos)

Coach - Jeremy Abbata

Austin Bush, Josh Gregoire, Nick Anzalone, Christian Anzalone, Noah Williams, Jayce Faso, Jc Beebe, Mason Claar, Devin Light, Aaron Abbata

Team 4 Roster (Vitamin Shoppe on Walden)

Coach - John Nettina

Tim Nettina, Matt Nettina, Christian Nettina, Patrick Nettina, Tim Hammersmith, Jake Hammersmith, Aidan Boyd, Paul Rydzynski, Dominic Memminger

Team 5 Roster (Regals)

Coach - Kyle Quick

Christian Leone, Hunter Dickey, Jude Barry, Colby Dobek, Chris Amodeo, Aiden Hill, Eli Noble, Andrew Vitanza, Jack Neill, Donovan Hamilton

Team 6 Roster (Young Guns)

Coach - Mike Brown

Dan Martinek, Jack Porter, Evan Johnson, Jordan Brown, Dominic Burgess, Alex Ensminger, Justin Forgette, Conner Forgette, Alex Fulfaro, Miles Santa-Maria

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