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21u Roster and Schedule Week 1 Summer 2022

Click Here to see our 21u Roster and schedule for week 1!

 May 22nd, 2022 at 10:24AM  May 24th, 2022 4:47PM

Please find your name on the rosters below and then find out what time your game is this week!  We ask all players to arrive 20-30 minutes early so we can hand out jerseys and get the players inserted into our online rosters and gamesheets!

We did our best to work with all of the requests we received!  ROSTER ARE NOT final!  If teams are unfair after a few games we will tweak the teams and swap or add players to even things out!  Goalies will be assigned on a weekly basis to ensure we have goalies for all games!  We could use another goalie if anyone is interested!

Please be sure to check if your team plays on Wednesday or Friday!  21u games will be 3-15 minute periods this year!


Schedule Week 1

Wednesday May 25th

845pm - Team 1 vs Team 6

*Team 1 Goalie this week - Devin Derda

*Team 6 Goalie this week - David Crampton

Friday May 27th

6pm - Team 2 vs Team 5

*Team 2 Goalie this week - Devin Derda

*Team 5 goalie this week - Evan Frier

7pm - Team 3 vs Team 4

*Team 3 Goalie this week - Evan Frier

*Team 4 Goalie thid week - Elek Wittman


Team 1 - 

Spenser Kiesling

Mason Claar

Jon Lozada

Andrew Malone

Kayden Mendyk

Matt Bajer

Aaron Abbata

Michael Kock

Alex Fulfaro

Goalie - 

Coach - 


Team 2 - 

Dan Weitz

Derek Danner

Josh Carney

Gavin Baumgartner

Rory Bialy

Owen Moriarty

Donovan Hamilton

Sean Hamilton

Jacob Falter

Dan Martinek

Goalie - Jadyn Clark

Coach - George Clark


Team 3 - 

Matt Lansing

Haeden Ellis

Maximus McGuire

Dabin Krakowiak

Evan Terceros

Eric Cunningham

Max Thompson

Mason Serafin

Cameron Fitch

Goalie - Evan Frier

Coach - 


Team 4 - 

Tim Nettina

Matt Nettina

Christian Nettina

Pat Nettina

Dom Memminger

Braeden Setteducatti

Jack Fuchs

Aidan Boyd

Josh Mancini

Goalie - Elek Wittman

Coach - Mr Nettina


Team 5 - 

Colin Coogan

Cam Coogan

Koryn Kaczynski

Kirsten Kaczynski

Connor Davie

Owen Kraus

Lucas Cirino

Dan Cirino

Paul Jeras

Austin Howland

Goalie - 

Coach - 


Team 6 - 

Jacob Vacanti

Dom Cassillo

Sam Herr

Gavyn Lyons

Peter Kieffer

Matt Bloom

Michael Bloom

Alex Tallides

Justin Turco

Lawson Wallworth

Goalie - Dan Crampton

Coach - Larry Wallworth

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