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Summer 22u Rosters and Schedule

22u Rosters and Week 1 Schedule

 May 21st, 2023 at 10:45AM  May 22nd, 2023 4:42PM

  • We want to thank all the parents and kids who came out for our 2023 WNYRH youth league evaluations. As the rosters have grown, we appreciate a series of age ranges and skill levels. We are committed to maintaining an atmosphere the allows all skill levels to flourish and therefore have decided to adjust the 21u division to the 22u division! We are excited for the season ahead and posted are the now 22u rosters and schedule for week 1!  


  • Once the school year ends we may be able to have 1 more game on Wednesday nights!  We will send out a goalie schedule each week to ensure your team has a goalie!  Communication is key and we need more than a days notice if you have issues or cannot play!


  • Please remember some games will be Wednesday and some games will be Friday!  In addition, 1 team will play a double header each week since we have 9 teams! Please follow the schedule!


  • We need a couple more goalies!!!  Contact Eric 716-903-2658 


  • Please remember this is a recreational league!  We pride ourselves on fun, competitive hockey!  Rosters are not final and are subject to change if we think it will help even up teams!  We can use some coaches, please contact Eric if you are interested in helping out on the bench for gameday!  


  • We put a ton of time into the league on the backend!  We understand everyone is busy but please do the best you can for the season with attendance!  We appreciate it very much!


  • Moving forward the schedule and stats can be found on our schedule page which you can CLICK HERE to see


  • Jerseys will be given out this week! Please arrive 30 minutes before your game this week!  All players need to check in to grab your jersey and report your number to our staff so we can get you into the stat system!


  • If anyone needs wheels or bearings we have them at discounted pricing to all of our members!  Players will benefit the most from wearing indoor wheels which are softer than what you wear outside!


  • Goalies are not assigned to teams yet!  For now, we will send a goalie schedule out each week letting you know what team and time you play!

Week 1 Schedule Wednesday May 24th

4pm-5pm Skills and Drills which is an open skate to anyone that plays in our youth leagues!

850pm - Team 1 vs Team 4

  • Team 1 Goalie this week - Elek Wittman
  • Team 4 Goalie this week - Devin Derda

945pm - Team 3 vs Team 5

  • Team 3 Goalie this week - Dan Crampton
  • Team 5 Goalie this week - Evan Frier

Week 1 Schedule Friday May 26th

530pm - Team 6 vs Team 7

  • Team 6 Goalie this week - Tom Chapman
  • Team 7 Goalie this week - Nate Anderson

625pm - Team 8 vs Team 9

  • Team 8 Goalie this week - Jaydn Clark
  • Team 9 Goalie this week - Nate Anderson

730pm - Team 2 vs Team 1 

  • Team 1 Goalie this week - Tom Chapman
  • Team 2 Goalie this week - Jadyn Clark

Team 1 – Vitamin Shoppe

Tim Nettina

Matt Nettina

Christian Nettina

Patrick Nettina

Dom Memminger

Braeden Setteducatti

Josh Mancini

Aidan Boyd

Sam Modeas

Gavin Bernstein

Nate Mascia

Goalie – Elek Wittman

Coach – John Nettina

Team 2 – Team Mexico 

Enzo Syracuse -

Owen Scott  -

Jack Crumb -

David Demarco -

Evan O’Donnell - 

Johny Provenzo

Will Wersinger

Ryan Creamer -

Aidan Graesser

Lawson Wallworth -

Adam Mellerski

Goalie – Jackson Grande

Coach – Larry Wallworth

Team 3 – Good Fellas

Emiliana Cassillo

Dom Cassillo

Mateo Cassillo

Jake Vacanti

Bryan Hummel

Sam Herr

Joey Edwards

Jacob Cichocki

Jonah Cichocki

Goalie – Dan Crampton

Head Coach – Louie Vacanti

Team 4 – Primetime

Kayden Mendyk

Matt Bajer

Mason Claar

Ian Williams

Quinn Malley

Jonathon Lozado

Michael Koch

Cameron Sticht

Anthony Abbata

Goalie – Devin Derda

Head Coach – Mr Abbata

Team 5 - Young Steppa's

Max McGuire

Evan Terceros

Matt Lansing

Davin Krakowiak

Eric Cunningham

Cam Fitch

Max Thompson

Frankie Cardarella

Niles Benson

Brett Cazmierski

Goalie – Evan Frier

Head Coach - TBA

Team 6 – Harry Bushs

Austin Bush

Noah Williams

Mike Scardino

Nick Will

Luke White

Collin Coogan

Jayce Faso

Nolan French

Gabe Faso

Cam Coogan

Goalie – Tom Chapman

Head Coach – Mr Faso

Team 7 – Banana Men

Eric Freeman

Troy Normandin

Kyle Hybicki

Braden Yiengst

Noah Cosgrove

Jack Cosgrove

Logan Feeney

Liam Feeney

Logan Shelton

Mclean Agrette

Goalie – Nate Anderson

Head Coach – Liam Feeney

Team 8 – Cards Night

Carl Wawrzyniak

Cam Wawrzyniak

Dan Weitz

Joash Carney

Carter Leemer

Ryan Leemer

Kyle Flynn

Seamus Andrew

Tyler Chrosniak

Justin Turco

Goalie – Jaydyn Clark

Head Coach – George Clark

Team 9 – The Wings

Sean Hamilton

Tim Hammersmith

Jake Hammersmith

Daniel Cirino

Lucas Cirino

Dan Martinek

Alex Tallides

Sawyer Rizzo

Jp Rizzo

Connor Whitney

Goalie – Lucius Casillas

Head Coach – TBA


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