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10u Roster and Schedule Week 1 Summer 2022

Click Here to see our 10u Roster and schedule for week 1!

 May 21st, 2022 at 4:43PM  May 24th, 2022 6:02PM

Please find your name on the rosters below and then find out what time your game is this week!  We ask all players to arrive 20-30 minutes early so we can hand out jerseys and get the players inserted into our online rosters and gamesheets!

We did our best to work with all of the requests we received!  ROSTER ARE NOT final!  If teams are unfair after a few games we will tweak the teams and swap or add players to even things out!  Goalies will be assigned on a weekly basis to ensure we have goalies for all games!  We could use another goalie if anyone is interested!

Please also double check the 15u division rosters as a handful of 10u players are also playing 15u!  

Schedule Week 1

5pm - Team 1 vs Team 4

*Team 1 Goalie this week - Madeline Gregory

*Team 4 Goalie this week - Aiden Bryk

545pm - Team 2 vs Team 3

*Team 2 Goalie this week - Keegan Murphy

*Team 3 goalie this week - Aiden Bryk


Team 1 Roster

Landon Whitmire

Carter Swan

Jacob Mulvaugh

Grahm Mulvaugh

Peyton McCann

Sam Breitweiser

Zeagan Grimes

Izahya Ferland

Griffin Oldenburg

Gavin Oldenburg

Naomi Gregory

Zeb Zollinger

Head Coach - Jon Ferland

Assistant Coach - Justin Swan

Team 2 Roster

Austin Anticola

Daniel Colpetzer

Ryan Mendyk

Bentley Kirchgessner

Mason Vertino

Leo Reinhardt

Salvatore Burkhardt

Sekai Leatherland

Rocco Castlevetere

Dominic Bryk

Head Coach - Mike Vertino

Assistant Coach - Ken Burkhardt


Team 3 Roster - 

Noah Folaron

Warner Kley

Robbie Bauer

Leo Carella

Glenn Zientara

Brennan Moran

Cameron Arbatosky

Elijah Meyer

Carter Ostrowski

Kohl Myers

Weston Myers

Head Coach - Josh Myers


Team 4 Roster - 

TJ Diehl

Jackson Mcinerney

Evan Skinner

Lucas Ecshberger

Giovanni Cartone

Luciano Cartone

Cam Wright

Jack Jeffery

Thomas Barnes

Dominic Carapella

Joseph Lacapruccia

David Stefniak

Coaches - Chris Cartone

Assistant Coach - Mike Mcinerney

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